Commissions info

If you are interested in hiring my services, actually I am available for freelance work.

I can work for editorial and advisory Illustration, concept art, character design, 3d modeling, press, film, photography, typography, webdesign, personal commissions and just everything you can think about visuals. I don’t make commissions for free except for non-profit organizations and projects. Usually the working process is quite simple: you contact me and talk about what you’d like and we discuss a price (if what you want is viable!), I send you the contract with all the points we have to respect, and then I start making real wathever thing is in your mind! You willl updated of all the process, from the first sketches to captures of the final art so you can stop me at any moment and tell if I’m forgetting something

Don’t hesitate in contacting me for any doubts you may have about my services, commissions, price ratings or just to say hi! Free custom budgets with no commitment!

Possible usage

Commercial use: CD covers / packaging, DVD packagings, Book covers and page design, ads, flyers, Photo-retouching.
Personal use: Print or file for personal use, Gifts, Personal art collection.
Styles: Surreal, dark/gothic, fantasy, realism, expressive, sketchy, abstract, manga/anime, etc…
Payment methods: PayPal for foreign clients / Bank transfer/Western Union.
Pricing: depend on usage, desired size, artwork/s complexity & delivery time